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A half hour comedy series, UNEMPLOYABLES is a buddy comedy about the gig economy.

     by comedy newcomers Kristopher Weaver,

Kyle Timlin and Michael Wieder

Rivers Current

A play-with-music, RIVERS CURRENT follows the family of two kids adopted from the same orphanage who become siblings.

by Kristopher Weaver

staged reading produced in 2010 at NYTW

Champagne Dreams

A full length musical, CHAMPAGNE DREAMS is a honeymoon resort in the mountains that caters to LGBT couples.

music and lyrics by Kristopher Weaver

book by Brad Reigner and Kristopher Weaver


Previous work

Mafia Incorporated

A comedic short where new policies are implimented for administrative staff at a mafia family headquarters.

by Kristopher Weaver

produced by ALPHANYC at Times Square Arts Center in 2015

Waiting Out The Fight

A comedic short; Ida goads her husband Jim into an argument while they wait for...a table?  A doctor?  It's hard to tell.

by Kristopher Weaver

produced by THEATRE OUTLET at Silkworks in 2006

Presidential Dimensions

A one-act play finding an American President in the dreamworld intersection of two holiday classics.

by Kristopher Weaver

produced for Pride At The Polls in 2004 


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